Nova Scotia School Capital Plan

As part of the Nova Scotia School Capital Plan, the government has announced the plans to build new schools. At this time there is no indication whether Bedford will receive any of those schools, although the population here continues to climb.

The five-year school capital plan focuses on building new schools, addressing population growth, and investing in current schools. You can view the Nova Scotia School Capital Plan here.

A six-classroom modular structure is set be added (similar to what was built at Basinview Community School a couple of years ago) this summer to Bedford South School. It will be ready for students starting school in September.

This addition is meant to support enrolment pressures at Bedford South School as it transitions to a Grade Primary-5 school this September. Please note, Pre-Primary will still be offered at Basinview Drive Community School next year.

Families received the information regarding the structure changes this month. You can read the full letter here.