June reporting: Finding a primary care provider in NS

The number of people without a doctor (in Nova Scotia and in Bedford) continues to climb. Currently, 148,431 people are without a doctor in Nova Scotia. In the Central Zone, there are now more people on the doctor waitlist than were on the entire waitlist in June 2021.

I am providing the most recent numbers below; they are really tough to find on the government website. For comparison, you can see the June 2021 numbers here:

At this time, 53.7 percent of the people on the waitlist are on it because their doctor left, is retiring, or has retired. In the Bedford/Sackville network (which includes Sackville and Fall River) 19,546 people (or 17.2 percent) are without a family practice. Back in June of 2021, only 3 percent of residents from this area had registered on the list. In the Bedford/Hammonds Plains cluster, 8,452 people (18.2%) are currently without a family practice, up from 3.7 percent just two years ago.