Car driving on road in evening

Regional transportation planning

A new agency, Joint Regional Transportation Agency (JRTA) has been established to coordinate a regional transportation system to ensure transportation flows safely and efficiently as growth and development continues to increase the demands on traffic flow.

The area being considered for the Regional Transportation Plan includes most of Nova Scotia’s population. This will play a key role in advancing broader initiatives to tackle climate change, support growth and economic development, and improve Nova Scotia’s health, well-being, and quality of life.

The plan will consider all modes of transportation that move people (walking/rolling, cycling, buses, ferries, trains, vehicles) and goods (trucks, trains, ships, planes) as well as the infrastructure (streets, active transportation facilities, highways, bridges, rail corridors, ports) to make that movement possible.

New residential, industrial, and commercial development is coming to our communities and this growth will have an impact on traffic congestion on our daily commutes.

Residents living in Halifax and surrounding communities are encouraged to participate in the engagement plan hosted by the JRTA, so the planners are aware of the concerns and challenges commuters experience when travelling daily.

Residents can participate on the engagement website or attend one of the in-person pop-ups happening across the province.