Conference to Address Challenges for Parliamentarians with Disabilities

The unique challenges faced by parliamentarians with disabilities from across the Commonwealth will be the focus of a conference in Halifax starting Thursday, Aug. 31.

The Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA), in partnership with the Nova Scotia House of Assembly, will hold the first conference of its kind bringing together commonwealth parliamentarians with disabilities, their assistants, and parliamentary officials from eight of the nine regions of the association.

The conference will be an opportunity for members of parliament with disabilities to network, share experiences, good practices and innovations from commonwealth jurisdictions that are designed to support them to fully participate in political and public life.

“I am delighted to welcome my fellow parliamentarians with disabilities and parliamentarians who are champions for persons with disabilities in their own jurisdictions,” said Speaker of the House of Assembly Kevin Murphy. “Together we will develop and make recommendations to the association to create a network of parliamentarians with disabilities within the CPA.”

The Commonwealth Parliamentary Association exists to develop, promote and support parliamentarians and their staff in an international community of more than 180 parliaments and legislatures.