Nova Scotia to Host Canadian Caucus of Black Parliamentarians Conference in 2018

Nova Scotia will host the Canadian Caucus of Black Parliamentarians Conference in 2018.

The announcement was made after a two-day meeting of the caucus in Ottawa attended by African Nova Scotian Affairs Minister Tony Ince.

Caucus members also reconfirmed their support for the United Nations declaration for 2015-2024 to be the International Decade for People of African Descent with the theme People of African Descent: recognition, justice and development.

The annual conference brings together provincial and federal government representatives, stakeholders and other community leaders to discuss issues of relevance to African-Canadians.

“This forum provides us with the opportunity to look at issues that face the African Canadian communities on a national level such as education, justice, development and health,” said Mr. Ince. “Every time we meet, the same themes arise – education, justice, development and health issues. These are the issues that are raised by the Decade for Persons of African Descent and continue to be raised?, which show how important it is to address them. As hosts, here in 2018 I look forward to continuing to work on these issues and focusing on the challenges facing African Canadians.”

The group first met in 2015 when African Canadians, elected from federal and provincial jurisdictions as well as several African Canadians from the Senate of Canada, gathered in Nova Scotia to build awareness, share information and discuss issues affecting Black Canadians. They have met annually since then.

“The 2018 meeting in Nova Scotia will focus on the challenges facing African Canadians and will continue to be a venue for the exchange of ideas and opportunities for collaboration,” said Mr. Ince. “The goal will be a proactive response to national and international opportunities to advance the interests of African Canadians.”

The 2018 meeting dates, location and specific agenda topics will be announced at a future date.