Nova Scotia Launches International Seafood Brand

Seafood exporters in the province have a new brand, Nova Scotia Seafood, to promote products in international markets.

Establishing an effective seafood brand will help give Nova Scotia a competitive advantage in those key global markets and will also help communicate Nova Scotia’s key attributes – exceptional taste and premium quality.

Fisheries and Aquaculture Minister Keith Colwell showcased the new seafood brand today, March 2, at Halifax Stanfield International Airport, where a large amount of Nova Scotia’s exports depart for the international marketplace.

“Nova Scotia seafood is a premium product and we want to share it with the world,” said Mr. Colwell. “The international seafood brand we’ve developed will give the province and industry tools to deliver that message in key markets and help to continue increasing the value of our exports.”

For the second year in a row, Nova Scotia was Canada’s leading exporter of seafood in 2016, with $1.8 billion worth of products sold to international markets. The export total is on track to meet the One Nova Scotia report’s goal of doubling seafood exports within 10 years.

The United States remained Nova Scotia’s largest seafood export market in 2016 at $1 billion. China came in second at $255 million and the European Union came in third with $204 million worth of seafood exports.

The brand package, which includes a logo, images, signs, videos and a website will raise awareness and help increase the value of Nova Scotia seafood in international markets.

“It’s refreshing to see a brand that rises above the typical images associated with the Nova Scotia fishing industry,” said Kerry Cunningham, Seastar Seafoods. “This forward looking brand will work well to promote our province’s biggest export.”

The new brand will be the main focus of the province’s presence later this month in Boston at Seafood Expo North America, the largest seafood show in North America.

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