Jobs for Students

Government is now hiring students across the province for the spring and summer.

Postings for apprentice, co-op, internship and summer student positions began in January with 185 posted to date and more to be posted throughout the spring. There are positions in a wide range of sectors from research and communications, business and community development, plumbing, technology, agriculture and engineering.

“Getting that first job is key to keeping young, talented people in Nova Scotia,” said Public Service Commission Minister Tony Ince. “Creating these opportunities for younger workers helps them gain that necessary work experience so they can compete for good jobs anywhere, including our public service.”

Positions are throughout the province, both rural and urban, in a variety of departments. University, college and high school students are encouraged to visit the government website, fill out their profile and upload their resume so they are ready to apply for jobs as they become available.

In addition to summer positions, government is also focused on hiring younger workers year-round by removing barriers like unnecessary experience requirements in job postings. This began in 2015, when government hired 70 younger workers in entry-level positions. Almost 60 per cent of the initial group hired in 2015 still work in government, many of whom have moved into permanent positions and been promoted.

“I was hired in 2016 as a part-time clerk at Access Nova Scotia and have since become a supervisor in a permanent position,” said Bradley Cooper, customer service leader, Service Nova Scotia. “The opportunity to gain some experience turned into so much more and I’m proud to be a part of the public service in a career I love.”
In the last 12 months, almost 40 per cent of all those hired or rehired in the public service have been 35 or younger.

Since fall 2013, more than 2,900 public service positions have been filled by younger workers.

To view current entry level postings, as well as other public service opportunities, visit