Investing in Community Infrastructure

Government is supporting Nova Scotia’s diverse cultural heritage by investing in improvements to community halls and other public spaces where people gather.

Communities, Culture and Heritage Minister Leo Glavine joined representatives of the United Church Camp Meeting Association in Berwick today, Aug. 10, to announce 40 projects are being funded through the Community Facilities Improvement Program.

The total investment is more than $943,000 this year.

“The camp is a gathering spot and a focal point for our area and providing support to this facility is a direct investment in our community,” said Mr. Glavine.

“We all want strong, healthy, inclusive, and vibrant communities. Investments through the Community Facilities Improvement Program connects people, organizations, municipal partners, and others to key pieces of infrastructure that help to define their communities.”

The association camp, which was established in 1872, is receiving $50,000 for structural repairs and a kitchen renovation.

“Fixing the structural deficiencies and improving the safety and efficiency of this space is critical to our ability to continue using this building for the community,” said association president Chrissie Crooks.

“The Berwick camp kitchen serves tens of thousands of meals each year bringing a diversity of friends and families together. This funding will ensure we continue to provide this important service to our community.”

Community events at the camp include, Girl Guide meetings, Baha’i Faith Camp, choirs, suicide prevention meetings, bazars and the Town of Berwick Christmas sleigh rides.

An annual 10-day meeting is held in the summer involving up to 1,000 participants, including children, youth and seniors from a diverse group of all faiths, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, sexual identities and orientation, and intellectual and physical abilities.

The Community Facilities Improvement Program will fund up to 75 per cent of actual project costs, to a maximum of $50,000, for non-profit groups to improve their facilities and public spaces.

A list of organizations receiving grants this year can be found at .