Highway 101/102 overpass update

On a number of occasions, folks have commented on social media about the difficulties getting on and off Highway 102 from Highway 101 (and vice versa) – concerns about safety which I share.

At this time, a replacement of the interchange is not on the five-year plan for the Department of Public Works (the former Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, or TIR).

On the final day of the fall House sitting, I had the opportunity to sit down and discuss these problematic on- and off-ramps with NS Public Works Minister Kim Masland. She indicated to me the department has launched a study on the future of the Highway 102 corridor, and our Bedford interchange is part of that study. The Minister said she shares our concerns about safety, and indicated the study will help plan for upgrades in our future capital plan.

I’ll share further updates on the study as they become available.