Call for volunteers: COVID-19 testing effort

There are some openings for volunteers in the coming weeks in different areas of the COVID-19 testing effort:

  • Home Test Kit Production: They’re expanding the home test kit program with another big push for more kit assembly for the holidays. They’ve added additional days at their Burnside location through to December 13th. The home testing program continues to be a popular way for people to access routine testing where it’s most convenient for them.
  • Rapid Testing Events: Continued routine community testing is important with increased socializing in the downtown cores – especially as we move into the holiday season. Volunteer spots are open through December.
  • Outreach Testing Team: They’re also looking for additional volunteers to join their public housing and shelter testing programs. These programs provide door-to-door rapid testing for community members who may not be able to access public testing, including those with mobility issues and those people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. This service involves meeting clients where they are located, including public housing apartment buildings, shelters, hotels, and drop-in spaces.

If you’re interested in joining this volunteer initiative, please email .

To sign up for the rapid testing and home test kit prep click here. Or see all upcoming spots anytime here.