Fort Sackville Foundation seeking feedback

Bedford’s historical society, the Fort Sackville Foundation (FSF), is seeking feedback on their activities.

The Foundation runs Scott Manor House, which is a registered provincial and municipal heritage property.

This wonderful old home is the only full two-and-a-half story gambrel-roofed colonial building in Nova Scotia, and possibly in Canada. It’s full of history and the society is a great resource in our community.

FSF has run the manor house since 1996. Since then, the mandate of the society has been “to collect, protect, preserve, and promote the history and cultural heritage of Bedford”.

FSF is now reaching out to our community to assess its impact and to determine the future goals for the society.

The members are asking:

1. What does the Fort Sackville Foundation (FSF) do well?
2. What could we do better to be more relevant to the community?
3. What goals should the FSF focus on in the next 3- 4 years?

If you’d like to share your thoughts on these questions, please email your comments by November 30 to