February: A Month to Save Hearts

As February unfolds, so does the initiative to spread awareness about heart health. Heart & Stroke, a leading organization in Canada, is seizing the opportunity of Heart Month to shed light on the critical issue of cardiac arrest and its impact across the nation. Unlike a heart attack, a cardiac arrest is a sudden, life-threatening event caused by an electrical malfunction in the heart, leading it to stop beating unexpectedly. This emergency can affect anyone, regardless of age, and often strikes without warning.

A cardiac arrest is a medical emergency when the heart experiences an electrical problem which causes it to suddenly and unexpectedly stop beating. This is different than a heart attack and can occur to anyone, at any age, and often without warning. During a cardiac arrest, every second counts- the only chance at survival from a cardiac arrest is timely administration of CPR and AED.

The 2024 Heart Month report unveils alarming data about the frequency and low survival rates of these incidents. Every nine minutes, an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest occurs in Canada, with only a 10% survival rate. Immediate action is vital, as survival hinges on prompt CPR and AED use.

Heart & Stroke is determined to double survival rates through research, advocating for health system changes, and promoting widespread CPR and AED education. A specific focus is on making AEDs more accessible in Nova Scotia.

This February, let us not only celebrate love but also the opportunity to save lives. Heart & Stroke’s 2024 Heart Month report unveils the harsh reality of cardiac arrests in Canada, but it also inspires hope through a dedicated commitment to change. Join the movement, be informed, and help Heart & Stroke double the survival rate – because every heartbeat matters.