COVID-19 update

COVID-19 continues to be a presence in our lives. As the Health critic, I frequently urge people to test before visiting vulnerable people, particularly seniors — the vast majority of deaths in this province have been seniors. The last time I could find numbers, the median age of death from COVID was 84.4 — meaning as many people above that age were dying as below that age. COVID disproportionately affects older people.

What many people don’t realize is that most of the deaths from COVID in Nova Scotia have occurred since September 2021; 910 of Nova Scotia’s 1,004 reported COVID-19 deaths (90 percent) have occurred since that time. And 77 percent (776 deaths) occurred since the provincial government lifted most of COVID-19 protections in March, 2022. So this means we should be extra careful about exposing our elderly loved ones and friends (as well as people in precarious health) to the virus. We can test before a visit, or wear a mask, or visit virtually or at a distance.

Please note that my office stocks COVID tests, which you can access for free. We always leave a supply outside my office door (3rd floor, RBC building, Sunnyside Mall) in case you come by when we’re not there. Thank you for looking after our most vulnerable Nova Scotians.