An Important Message from Nova Scotia Power

I received the following important information from Nova Scotia Power to share with constituents. Those without power may not be able to access this information, please let affected friends and family know about the target restoration dates and available supports. 

As of 6 p.m., Nova Scotia Power has restored power to 256,000 customers – working through the night and through storm conditions, when it was safe to do so. Approximately 24,000 customers remain without power of the 280,000 who lost service during the storm. Nova Scotia Power and contractor crews are making significant progress on restoration efforts.

As teams access outage sites and field-validate what repairs are needed, estimated restoration times are being updated. We will have the majority of customers who lost power restored today and virtually all customers will be restored throughout tomorrow.

Customers are encouraged to visit our outage page for the latest estimated restoration times. They can also call our outage line 24/7 at 1-877-428-6004.

Your safety is the number one priority. If you see a downed wire, please stay away and report it to us at 1-877-428-6004. If you are concerned about an immediate public or personal safety risk, please call 911.

Customers who are still without power can warm up and recharge their devices by clicking the link to our list of Comfort Centres.