This Session in the House of Assembly

The Tim Houston government introduced fixed election dates, which we agree with. We don’t agree with the date, however: it comes smack dab in the middle of summer.

Although we spoke at length against the date, the bill passed and Nova Scotia’s next election date will be July 15, 2025.

Also in the House this session, I introduced three bills:

  • Bill 58, The Homes for Special Care Act (Amended), which establishes a Residents’ Bill of Rights for residents of a residential care facility, nursing home, or home for aged persons or disabled persons, and provides for the display of the Bill of Rights and its enforcement. You can find more information about the bill here.
  • Bill 60, The Long-term Care Recruitment Accountability Act, which would require the Minister of Seniors and Long-Term Care to provide monthly reports on the number of vacancies and recruitments for nurse practitioners, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and continuing care assistants. You can find more information about the bill here.
  • Bill 74, The Free Intrauterine Devices Act, which would provide free IUDs for Nova Scotians who are unable to afford them. You can find more information about the Free Intrauterine Devices Act here.

And I did want to note that last week, Opposition Leader Iain Rankin introduced a bill to establish permanent Daylight Savings Time once the other Maritime provinces follow suit. You’d be surprised how often people say they would prefer we weren’t “falling back” each autumn! You can find more information about An Act to Amend the Time Definition Act here.