Team Heads to Dublin and London to Recruit More Physicians

After approving four new doctors through the new Physician Immigration Stream, a team led by the Nova Scotia Office of Immigration, will be in Dublin and London this week to continue promoting Nova Scotia and attracting more doctors to the province.

“One of our top priorities at the Nova Scotia Office of Immigration this year is to attract and retain doctors from countries such as Ireland and the United Kingdom,” said Lena Metlege Diab, Minister of Immigration. “We will continue to aggressively and proactively market our province to highly qualified doctors who are seeking opportunities to live and work in new places.”

The Nova Scotia Health Authority and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia will also be in attendance. College staff will provide information on licensing requirements in Nova Scotia.

“The public entrusts the college to effectively license qualified physicians and we have made it a priority to offer eligible physicians an easy and efficient process for licensure,” said Dr. Gus Grant, registrar and CEO of the college.

The Office of Immigration will launch its new international brand, Room, this week. The brand focuses on the unique attributes Nova Scotia offers immigrants – lifestyle, work-life balance and personal and professional opportunities.

The new Physician Immigration Stream was launched in February. It helps attract more international doctors and specialists to the province by making the immigration process easier and faster for those who have already received job offers from the authority or the IWK Health Centre.

The four doctors processed through the new immigration stream, who are on a path to permanent residency, include three family doctors and a specialist. They will work in Cape Breton, Antigonish and Halifax. A fifth application is currently being processed and is expected to be finalized this month.