Statement from Premier Stephen McNeil on the 100th anniversary of the Halifax Explosion


There are defining moments in our province’s history that have shaped our identity and our future. The Halifax Explosion is one of them. 

Tragedy struck on Dec. 6, 1917, a day of suffering, horror and loss.

Today, we remember and honour those who were lost that day, and in the days that followed.

But out of that devastation emerged a story of courage, resilience, and compassion.

We think about the heroes — those who sacrificed themselves to save others, and about the massive relief effort that saw both professionals and ordinary citizens from across our province and beyond come to the aid of the injured and homeless.

Haligonians and Nova Scotians showed how the power of the human spirit can overcome terrible adversity.

As we commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Halifax Explosion, let us honour the memory of the victims, and be inspired by the values and resolve that helped create the Halifax and Nova Scotia we are fortunate to call home today.