Spike in HIV Infection Rates in Nova Scotia

Last week the Department of Health and Wellness issued an advisory drawing attention to a significant rise in HIV diagnoses in Nova Scotia so far this year.

While new treatment options and a better understanding of the disease have made living with HIV possible, it remains a serious public health issue. Nova Scotians at risk of HIV infection are encouraged to get tested regularly.

For more information on HIV testing options, including anonymous HIV testing, click here. (https://novascotia.ca/aids/faq.asp)

To help determine your risk of HIV infection click here. (https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/diseases/hiv-aids/risks-hiv-aids.html#a2)

Healthcare professionals are assessing the new data and working to better understand it to inform further action. The Province has engaged stakeholders and will continue to work to reduce the risk of HIV transmission.