Prevent Carbon Monoxide in Your Home

Nova Scotians are being reminded to be aware of the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Carbon monoxide is known as the silent killer because it is an invisible, odourless and tasteless gas that can be deadly.

Whether your heating system uses oil, propane, natural gas, wood or any fuel that is burned, it has the potential to produce carbon monoxide and other undesirable gases and byproducts.

To keep families and homes safe here are some tips to prevent carbon monoxide in your home:
— ensure fuel-burning appliances, chimneys and vents are cleaned and inspected annually
— check that all venting for appliances is not blocked
— gas and charcoal barbecues should only be used outside, away from all doors, windows, vents and other building openings
— never use barbecues inside garages, even if the garage doors are open
— portable fuel-burning generators should only be used outdoors in well-ventilated areas away from windows, doors, vents and other building openings
— all portable fuel-burning heaters should be vented properly, according to manufacturer’s instructions
— never use the stove or oven to heat your home
— open the flue before using a fireplace
— never run a vehicle or other fueled engine or motor inside a garage, even if the garage doors are open. Always remove a vehicle from the garage immediately after starting it

Carbon monoxide detectors are recommended near all sleeping areas in houses and in multi-residential units. Carbon monoxide alarms can be hardwired, battery-operated or plugged into the wall.