Premier’s Mission to England, Scotland and Wales

Premier Stephen McNeil is leading a mission to England, Scotland and Wales to promote trade and investment, Aug. 6-13.

“Nova Scotia has a growing economy and it’s important to increase awareness so we can attract investment, create more jobs for young Nova Scotians and develop trade opportunities,” said Premier McNeil.

Premier McNeil will meet with various groups and individuals in the energy, insurance and information technology sectors.

“It’s important that we build on our good trading relationships with the United Kingdom as it begins the process to determine its future relationship to the European Union,” said Premier McNeil. “Our province has a competitive and growing economy to invest in, and is a wonderful and welcoming place to visit.”

England, Scotland and Wales, countries in the United Kingdom, are important trading partners with Nova Scotia. Over the past five years, Nova Scotia has exported over $82 million to the U.K. In 2016 the primary exports were fish and seafood, fruit, wood and wood products, petroleum products and machinery parts.