Tick safety

Tick-borne illnesses are preventable by taking some simple precautions. They are very small, which makes them hard to spot and their bites don’t hurt, which makes it difficult to know when you’ve been bitten.

MLA Radon Detector Loan Program

I have partnered with the Lung Association of Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island to offer the MLA Radon Detector Loan Program through our office. This partnership is providing community access to a short-term digital radon detector for 6-weeks.

Your MLA at Work

This past month has been a busy time as the Spring sitting of the Legislature came to a close. The work I do for the constituents of Bedford South is very important to me and I wanted to take the time to share some of the work I am doing.

Amendments to first aid requirements

The amendments help to modernize first aid requirements and consolidate them in Nova Scotia under the Workplace Health and Safety Regulations.

Join an Agency, Board or Commission and make a difference

The plan is focused on creating a system where Nova Scotians can access world-class healthcare in a timely manner and health providers are respected, valued and heard. It commits to improving diversity and equity throughout the system.

Province unveils new pre-school autism services

The new care model will ensure that families have access to earlier intervention and that they are aware of what services are available, how to access them and who is eligible. Families and service providers will also have access to the education they need to best support the individual needs of each child.

Legislation enshrines Mi’kmaw as Nova Scotia’s first language

Legislation introduced April 7, recognizes Mi’kmaw as Nova Scotia’s first language and will support efforts to preserve and promote it now and for future generations. The legislation will be proclaimed on a mutually agreeable date with Mi’kmaw leadership, and it will take effect on October 1, Treaty Day.

Spring Update

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