More youth are choosing Nova Scotia

I am pleased to report that for the past three years more young people have been coming to Nova Scotia than leaving. That is an important and positive change for our province.

For decades the reverse has been true, more young people left Nova Scotia than came to the province.

During 2017-18, 7,364 youth aged 15-34 came into the province, while 6,745 left. Meanwhile, the Province saw 2,587 children under 14 coming here versus 2,039 who left Youth aged 26-35 were the biggest source of migration from other provinces with a gain of 657 people, when compared with all other 10-year age groups.

The figures are reported by Statistics Canada. Nova Scotia’s population is estimated to be 959,942 as of July 2018, a gain of almost 10,000 over 2017 and represents the strongest population growth in 34 years.