Medal of Bravery Recipients Honoured

Four heroes were honoured with a Medal of Bravery at a ceremony held today, Nov. 8, at Province House in Halifax. 

The Medal of Bravery is awarded each year to people who have risked their life protecting the life or property of others.

“These acts of bravery remind us of the good in the world,” said Premier Stephen McNeil. “The people being honoured today displayed selfless courage and chose the well-being of others over their own. Their bravery is an inspiration and we are deeply grateful for their actions.” 

This year’s recipients are Shane Bernard and Liam Bernard, both of Waycobah, Inverness Co., Eric Nickerson, Clark’s Harbour, Shelburne Co., and Travis Wolfe, Port Joli, Queens Co. 

The Bernards, who are not related, helped passengers involved in a motor vehicle accident. The driver was pinned inside the vehicle with flames at his feet. Despite the risk, the men worked to free the driver and managed to save him before the vehicle became engulfed in flames. 

Mr. Nickerson was on a small Coast Guard vessel going to help a sailor on a 32-foot sailboat with a broken mainsail boom that was taking on water in rough seas. Mr. Nickerson boarded the sinking sailboat to help the panicked sailor. The sailor went overboard and without hesitation, Mr. Nickerson jumped into the rough sea to help him. Mr. Nickerson stabilized the sailor and the crew was able to bring both of them to safety. 

Mr. Wolfe heard an explosion at his elderly neighbour’s house and immediately made his way to the house. He entered the house and despite the thick black smoke, he was able to find one of his elderly neighbours by feel. Mr. Wolfe carried her outside and managed to get a short distance from the house to safety.

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