March 2023 Community Update

By now you should have received my Spring community update by mail. This update includes important information about the massive increase in those on the list of Bedford/Sackville Zone residents who do not have access to primary care as well as changes to the Heating Assistance Rebate Program.

Navigating the Healthcare Crisis

  1. If you are not on the Need a Family Practice Registry, register here.
  2. Once you are on the list, you will become eligible for Virtual Care. It can take a few days between registering on the Need a Family Practice Registry and being able to register for Virtual Care. When you are eligible, register for Virtual Care here.
  3. Also, Nova Scotia Health conducts occasional mobile walk-in clinics at the Cobequid Community Health Centre on some weekends. I share this information on my Facebook when it becomes available, like and follow my Facebook page for this information.

Home Heating Help

The Heating Assistance Rebate Program provides limited financial support to those in need each year. The Province has provided a one-time increase in the available rebate and they have expanded eligibility.

You can receive $1,000 if you pay for your own residential heat and have a household income under $85,000.

For the most up-to-date information and to apply visit: