Helping To Strengthen Our Communities and Economy

As Liberals, we understand business doesn’t have to be a choice between profit and helping your community. We strongly believe we can do both here in Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotians should be proud of our province’s vibrant history of social enterprise, an emerging sector that strengthens communities, creates jobs, engages youth, grows entrepreneurship, attracts investment, and helps better our society and environment.

“Social enterprise is an exciting business option for socially-minded entrepreneurs, especially youth, who want to create jobs doing work people want and need, while making a difference in the world. They’re businesses with more than one bottom line,” said Mark Furey, Minister of Business.

Your Liberal government wants to support these efforts and help create an environment in which social enterprises can start, thrive and succeed. That’s why we’re proud to announce joint strategies in partnership with the social enterprise sector to help it move forward and continue to contribute to our economies and communities.

Our government is committing to 17 actions as part of our framework. We are also pleased to announce an initial investment of $200,000 to support two projects that will be led by the Social Enterprise Network including; a portal where social entrepreneurs can access resources, information and training, as well as research so the sector can understand the value created by these businesses in Nova Scotia.

The framework and the sector’s strategy were developed together, in collaboration, with many people and organizations across Nova Scotia.

Your Liberal government is celebrating the great work of social enterprises, and we look forward to the role these collaborative strategies will play in improving the business climate and quality of life across Nova Scotia.