Government Raises Pride Flag at Province House

Government employees, LGBTIQ+ community members and supporters cheered the raising of the Pride flag at Province House in Halifax, today, June 29.

“The Pride flag raising is a symbol of the commitment of the Nova Scotia public service to create safe, more inclusive spaces where we can be open and proud in all aspects of diversity,” said Allison Smith, co-chair of the LGBTI Network. “The Pride flag is a significant visual symbol of inclusivity and acceptance.”

The provincial government’s LGBTI Network strives to create and maintain supportive and inclusive workplaces for government employees of diverse sexual orientations, sexes, gender identities and gender expressions.

“The workplace must be safe, inclusive and value everyone fully and equitably,” said Public Service Commission Minister Tony Ince. “We are stronger as a community and a province when we have a diverse and inclusive public service.”

The Pride flag has been raised at Province House since 2010 as a direct reflection of how important LGBTIQ+ rights and inclusion are to the people of Nova Scotia.

“Today we have an opportunity to celebrate the phenomenal work on diversity and inclusion happening in the public service,” said Public Service Commissioner Laura Lee Langley, deputy champion for the LGBTI Network. “We are committed to providing a workplace that values diversity and inclusion and is free from barriers and discrimination.”

This year, to illustrate the importance of Pride in other areas of Nova Scotia, government is displaying Pride flags inside seven provincial buildings around the province. Pride events will be held in communities throughout the province.