Get your #StormChips Ready Bedford

Early this month we faced the first major winter storm of 2018, I shared some updates from Nova Scotia Power and others on the storm. I noticed a significant increase in people visiting my website looking for information regarding weather and road conditions as well as power outage details.
Since you seemed to find the information I shared useful, I’ve created a StormWatch page specifically for residents of Bedford which you can find here:
While the plan is to keep this page, and the information posted here, as accurate as possible, it is important to note that this page is intended for reference purposes only. I have included links on this page so you can access the latest information from key sources including:
·         Environment Canada
·         Nova Scotia Power Outage Centre
·         HRM Winter Operations
·         Nova Scotia Highway Conditions
·         Emergency Management Office
·         CBC Storm Centre
There are also a select few live updates feeding to this page from Twitter, including #NSStorm, that will help you stay current and and even plan ahead (so you can stock up on those #StormChips.)
Please feel free to share this page: with your friends, families, and neighbours so we’re all ready for what this—and future—storms throw at us.
I hope you find this communication effort helpful, and if nothing else, hopefully, you’ll get your pick of the #StormChips before the shelves are bare.