Fire Safety Tips for Summer

With summer fast approaching, Nova Scotians will be spending more time at the cottage, going to the beach and barbequing.

The Office of the Fire Marshal recommends the following fire safety tips to help ensure everyone has a safe and happy summer.

For cottage fire safety:
— install smoke alarms on every story and outside all sleeping rooms
— test smoke alarms monthly or each time you return to the cottage
— install carbon monoxide alarms if you have a fuel burning appliance
— know the civic address for your cottage and have a means to call 911 in an emergency
— remember to check daily for any open-air burning restrictions around domestic brush burning and campfires. As well, check your municipality’s bylaws
— check heating appliances and chimneys before using
— when using a generator, make sure it is a safe distance from any door or window openings

For those who are barbequing:
— never leave the barbecue unattended when in use
— make sure grease does not build up on barbeque burners
— keep the barbecue at least one metre away from any combustible materials
— keep loose clothing away from a hot barbecue
— keep children and pets away at least one metre from a hot barbeque
— when finished barbecuing, first turn the propane cylinder valve off, then the burner control knobs
— allow barbeque to cool completely before storing
— in apartments or condominiums, check with the building owner/manager about barbequing on balconies.

For more information around fire safety, visit the Office of the Fire Marshal website at, .