Expanded Dental Care for Young Nova Scotians

I am proud to report that the Province has expanded dental coverage to include molar sealants and an annual fluoride treatment for children 14 years of age and younger.

These are preventative treatments that allow us to get ahead of dental issues before they start. Those children who are at a higher risk for developing cavities will also be eligible for a second annual fluoride treatment.

Until today, only children with cavities were eligible for an annual fluoride treatment and only those with deep molar grooves were eligible for sealants.

The expanded services are part of an agreement between the province and the Nova Scotia Dental Association.

“An increase in preventive services for children means more children will be eligible to receive more of the preventive dental care they need,” said Nova Scotia Dental Association President Dr. Nada Haidar.

The Children’s Oral Health Program is a universal program, accessed by 56,000 children last year, that covers basic dental care. Children with private insurance coverage use that before government coverage is accessed.

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