Energy Sector Opportunities Available for Young Nova Scotians

Companies in Nova Scotia’s energy sector will continue to connect young people to jobs with support from government through the Energy Training Program.

Applications are now available to employers for the 2018 program, which supports opportunities for students and recent graduates to gain specialized training and work experience.

“A strong and growing energy sector presents a tremendous opportunity for our young people to find rewarding careers here in Nova Scotia,” said Energy Minister Geoff MacLellan. “Our students, recent graduates, and our energy sector are filled with potential, and it’s government’s role to give our brightest young minds the chance to get a foot in the door.”

Through the program, small- and medium-sized companies in the energy sector can apply for wage support to hire post-secondary students and recent graduates.

The program provides eligible employers with 50 percent of a student’s salary, up to $7.50 per hour, during a student’s employment with the company. Work terms run from 12 to 17 weeks between May and August. The application deadline is Feb. 23.

Since 2002 the Energy Training Program has funded 438 student placements at more than 100 companies.

The Energy Training Program is part of the province’s investment in youth and jobs. Nova Scotia has gained more than 4,000 young people in the past two years. For the first time in 32 years, Nova Scotia has also had two consecutive years of more youth moving here from other provinces than those leaving.

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