Emergency home heating assistance

The Home Energy Assistance Top-up (HEAT) Fund supports Nova Scotians in need with home heating cost during the winter months. For over 20 years, this program has helped keep thousands of individuals and families across Nova Scotia warm during the winter.

You may apply to the HEAT fund if:

1. You live in Nova Scotia and are within the following low-income threshold of:

  • $29,000 for one-person households
  • $47,703 for two to four person households and
  • $67,937 for households of five or more individuals

2. And your household is experiencing an emergency heating situation.

The HEAT Fund started on Jan 16th and continues until funds are depleted. The approved applicants will receive assistance one time only -up to a max of $400 depending on the amount required.

Incomplete applications will result in a delay in processing. Complete and submit the entire HEAT Fund application form and all required documents together.

For more information and/or to forward your application electronically, call 902-422-3435 or email heat.fund@salvationarmy.ca

Next week, the expanded home heating assistance rebate program (HARP) will kick in, and we’ll post about that once it’s available. Income thresholds are higher for that program, so even if you don’t qualify for the HEAT fund, you may qualify for HARP.