Consultations on Child-Care Needs Begin

Government launched a consultation today, Oct. 31, for families and the regulated child-care sector to better understand the child-care needs of families and the ability of providers to meet those needs.

“This is part of our commitment to ensure an accessible and sustainable child-care system for Nova Scotia families,” said Zach Churchill, Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development. “It’s important we hear from families and those working in the child-care sector, about their specific needs.”

The family consultation will look at the child-care needs of families with children 12 years of age and younger across the province.

The child-care sector consultation will seek feedback on how government can support and partner with operators to ensure their success in the future.

Families can provide input online by completing the online survey available at

A paper copy may also be requested by calling 1-833-424-2084.

The consultation runs until Nov. 21.