Children and Adults with Disabilities to Receive Enhanced Support at Home

Children and adults with disabilities and their families who qualify for more support at home will receive it without having to wait.

Under the current program, Nova Scotians with disabilities who qualified for Enhanced Family Support were placed on a waitlist until funding became available, as the funding for this program was capped. As of today, Feb. 21, anyone who qualifies will receive the additional support they need.

“We know there are children and adults with disabilities whose needs are more challenging, and we want to help them and their families,” said Community Services Minister Kelly Regan. “We’re eliminating the waitlist for the Enhanced Family Support program, to provide families with additional support to care for their loved ones at home.”

Direct Family Support for Children, Flex Support for Adults and the Enhanced Family Support for Children and Adults help families hire support workers who have specialized training, education or experience related to the needs of their family members. These programs help families who care for loved ones with a range of physical or intellectual disabilities.

Currently, children or adults and their families applying for support, and who meet income eligibility, receive up to $2,200 per month for respite services. Under the enhanced program, qualifying applicants, who are assessed as having greater needs, may receive up to $1,600 in additional support, bringing the total to a maximum of $3,800 per month.

Effective immediately, the enhanced programs will no longer have a waitlist. That means individuals on the existing waitlist, as well as any additional families assessed and recommended for additional support, will receive the enhanced funding.

As of Feb. 20, there were 18 people on the waitlist for enhanced support, including five children. This brings the total number of people receiving Enhanced Family Support to 60 adults and 14 children.

“Families will be relieved to know that they won’t have to wait to receive the funding they need to care for their loved ones,” said Cynthia Carroll, executive director, Autism Nova Scotia. “By eliminating the waitlist for the enhanced supports, government is taking a major step toward meeting the needs of Nova Scotians with disabilities and their families.”