Emergency supplies laid out on a desk with a check list

Build Your Storm Readiness Kit

With Hurricane Fiona headed to Nova Scotia, I wanted to share some information about some basic preparedness items to have on hand in case of power outages, transportation interruptions, and other issues.

Emergency contact list

If your phone dies, you will lose access to your contacts. It is wise to create a list of important numbers so you can stay in touch with key people using landlines, shared phone lines, etc.

Refill prescriptions

Check prescription medications, if you have less than a week’s supply remaining you should refill your prescriptions if possible.

First aid kit

Check out the Canadian Red Cross’s tips for first aid kit contents.

Emergency food and water

You should have at least two litres of water per person, per day (four litres per person, per day is ideal). You should also have enough non-perishable (breads, canned goods, pantry items that do not require cooking) food.

Example: You should prepare for three days. If there are three people in the household, you should have 18 litres of potable water and an adequate supply of food on hand.

Emergency flashlight

Ideally choose a wind-up flashlight but you can also choose a battery operated flashlight.

Replacement batteries & charging block

Keep a replacement set of various battery sizes on-hand. If possible purchase a charging block that will allow you to charge your phone in case of power outage.

Pet care

Be sure to remember your pets when planning for food, water, and other necessities.

Storm Chips

It wouldn’t be a bad weather event without a handy – comforting – bag of storm chips.