Balancing Environmental, Social, and Economic Values in Forestry

Last year, University of King’s College president Bill Lahey, was tasked with carrying out an independent review of forestry practices in Nova Scotia. Today, his report, which recommends fundamental changes to how we manage our forests, was received by Forestry Minister Iain Rankin. 

The report includes 45 recommendations to improve forestry practices and suggests the province adopt what is known as the triad model of ecological forestry. This model attempts to balance environmental, social and economic values in forestry while protecting ecosystems and biodiversity as its top priority.

“Ecological forestry’s objective is not to protect the environment by eliminating or prohibiting forestry,” said Prof. Lahey. “It seeks to combine conservation of nature with a productive and profitable forestry industry. It is a model that is designed to emulate the natural processes, development and life spans of forests.”

The full report, including conclusions, recommendations and independent technical papers, is available here