First aid kit items

Amendments to first aid requirements

The Province is updating workplace first aid requirements, fulfilling a commitment to harmonize its rules with other jurisdictions in Canada.

Under the National Occupational Health and Safety Reconciliation Agreement, Nova Scotia committed to harmonizing its training requirements and workplace first aid kit requirements based on a new Canadian Standards Association (CSA) standard. The amendments help to modernize first aid requirements and consolidate them in Nova Scotia under the Workplace Health and Safety Regulations.

The regulations are part of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and apply to all employers in Nova Scotia.

The Department of Labour, Skills and Immigration will be helping workplaces prepare and understand the changes and ensuring the contents and terminology used in first aid kits are consistent. It will also make first aid training certificates transferable throughout Canada and clarify minimum requirements for workplace first aid training.

The Department hosted two public consultations and offered an online survey to help inform the changes.

It is also making minor administrative amendments to the Occupational Diving Regulations and Underground Mining Regulations to ensure consistency with the revised workplace first aid requirements.

Workplace First Aid Guide: