phone showing a digital certificate of vaccination

Accessing vaccination records online

A new service is available for most Nova Scotia health card holders for a faster, easier way to retrieve important healthcare information by access their vaccination records online. Several vaccination provider sources including Public Health, Primary Care Providers, and Pharmacies are recorded online.

VaxRecordNS will list information since 2008 on school immunizations, some early childhood vaccinations such as measles, mumps, rubella, and varicella (MMRV), and COVID-19 vaccination.

VaxRecordNS allows citizens with a Nova Scotia health card to access some of their official vaccination records using the website. The program contains School Program vaccines, certain routine childhood vaccines, certain adult vaccines, and COVID-19 vaccination records.

Vaccination types are periodically added online and over time, more vaccine records will be added.

Current vaccination types available:

  • School Program includes – HPV, Hep B, Tdap and Meningococcal (A, C, Y & W135)
  • Childhood vaccines includes – Meningococcal C, Tdap-IPV, MMRV
  • Adult vaccines include – Td, Tdap
  • COVID-19 includes – Those approved by Health Canada

The list of vaccinations currently available, with descriptions, is found here.

You may find that vaccination records may be incomplete from the provider source system which may prevent those records from being presented in VaxRecordNS. If you require those records, please contact Support Service for assistance. You may be directed to contact the vaccination provider directly.

If you do not find your vaccine online, please use the Public Health manual request, using this form and submit the form to the office location noted on the form.

People at least 16 years old may use this service and can register online here. The vaccination records of children and dependents under the age of 16, can be connected to their parent’s or guardian’s profile.